Idaho Notes May 4, 2020: Spring keeps trying to arrive. My tulips are up but so far not a hint of color and some of the trees are beginning to bloom. Most days are at least warmish although for the past two days heavy wind has just about blown me away!

But what’s really on my mind this afternoon is all of the negativity that seems to abound. And all of the fear and sense of danger and upset. Our president can’t help it if he is not a good leader. Mitch McConnell and so many other congresspeople have made a happy nest for themselves and are reluctant to leave. Even before Trump we had been living in a broken system. Health care was unequal and inadequate. Wealth was being hoarded by very few at the expense of most, and the government was log jammed and ineffective. Something needed to change but not really in the direction we seem to be going, but where we were (the old normal) was not a good place for far too many.

Crisis is composed of two main elements — danger and possibility. There is a tendency to focus on the danger and ignore the possibility of building new structures that serve the world better. The time has come to quit throwing rocks and to begin to put forth new ideas about where we might go. Maybe Democracy no longer works when all of the power is concentrated in the hands of so few. Maybe capitalism is not the best form of commerce, especially if the large corporations will raid funds set aside for smaller and more endangered smaller businesses.

The time to think about possibility is now. Where do we want to go? I, for one, do not want to go back or to stay where we are. I want us to build a new way forward together. Maybe this crisis will help us find the wisdom to do that. It will not happen quickly. It might take a generation or two. But let’s build a better world this time. The old normal one was not getting the job done!

I am an out gay psychologist currently approaching my 80th birthday in my new home town of Idaho Falls ID. I am single with a large extended family.